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Rules for Buyers & Wishlist!

Rules and all that jazz:

~Prices are listed in USD

~Will ship anywhere worldwide from Oregon US as long as you are willing to pay for it.

~Shipping rates depend on quantity, speed and item type.  I will be using media mail when possible unless you request and pay for a faster method.

~I accept PayPal only, with buyer responsible for Paypal fees (2.9% of total price + $0.30).  For my protection as well as yours, I am NO LONGER offering the option to gift payments.  It's not that much more, and we both get the piece of mind of having shipping confirmation.  Thank you for understanding.

~No returns.  I try to be fair in pricing my used items by condition and noting if they are noticeably damaged, and I am more than happy to provide you with pictures and/or descriptions of any items you are curious about before you purchase them, just ask.

~Manga is in very good/excellent condition unless otherwise noted.  Price is usually a good indicator of condition, but I also might just want to get rid a great condition book fast and price it cheap, so be sure to ask if you are concerned about condition.  "Fair" means light marks or a small fold or two, but the book is still in generally OK shape.  "Rough" means it may have heavy folds, water damage etc.  If a book is heavily ripped/damaged or the binding is falling apart it will be placed in the free bin.

~My home is smoke and pet free, but since I buy most of my manga for resale used, I cannot guarantee the owner before me did not smoke and/or have pets.

~I am willing to trade for items on my wishlist, but depending on the value of the item, your feedback, etc., I may expect you to send your item first, then send mine upon receiving it.

~If you want to trade something not on my wishlist or haggle/make a deal, just ask!  The worst I can say is no ;)  I am open to most reasonable offers.

~I don't always have time to keep my pictures 100% up to date, so if you see an item without a picture that you would like to see, just ask and I would be more than happy to provide you with a picture :)

~My feedback page can be found here.  And eBay feedback here.

~This used to be my main sales post, hence all the comments ;)

I generally prefer to sell instead of trade, but I might be willing to trade for things on this list

Soulless manga
Strange and Mystifying Story vol. 2
Playstation Vita

Love Skit***
A Strange and Mystifying Story vol. 2***
Alice in the Country of Hearts vol. 1-3**
Alice in the Country of Clover: any**
Otomen vol. 4, 5, 8+*

Death Note: L Change the World live action movie***

Persona 4 hori hard pouch and face cover for PSVita.  Comes with special edition of Persona 4 the Golden, and I missed out ordering it in time. I will KILL for these!!!!**********************

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